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What do you want from Avon and who do you know?

Could you show a brochure to your family / friends / work colleagues / neighbours?

Could you share a digital brochure with your phone contacts?

Could you share your shop link on social media and other communicative networks?

Could you work this around your education / current job / family? 

If the answer to these is YES then you are on your way to becoming a successful Avon representative.

When you have completed your registration you will be asked to select a kit. These are an amazing way to kick start your business. Investing in a kit gives you the opportunity to immediately start to feel and demo the products that Avon offer. You could hold a party and showcase the selection, offer samples out to potential customers and use the products so you can personally endorse them to friends and family and across social media.

Avon £30 Kit with 10 Top Products

£30 for 10 Top products and sales tools including 20 brochures, brochure bags and order form.

£28 for the 10 top products without any sales tools

Avon £10 Kit including Lipstick and Paper Brochures

£10 for a fabulous lipstick and sales tools including brochures, brochure bags and order forms.

£9 for the lipstick without any sales tools.

How Simple is Social Selling?

Benefits of Joining Avon
Simple diagram to show to so sell on social media

You don't have to be an experienced sales person. Our customers are looking for a friendly, helpful and reliable service - so if that sounds like you then it's simple - just be yourself and you'll be a great Representative.

List of where to promote Avon
a list of where to promote Avon

The Details

What do I earn? 

Discount levels

There are 4 levels. You earn from your first £1 sale. The levels are as follows:

£1 - £99.99 = 15%

£100 - £249.99 = 20%

£250 - £2999.99 = 25%

£3000+ = 30%

Inherent Discount

Whatever you achieve from the current campaign is then brought forward as your starter discount in the following campaign.

Retrospective Discount

If you happened to hit a lower discount in the previous campaign and then in the following campaign you hit a higher discount you will be given the higher discount rate on the whole of your sales for that campaign.

How do I "get paid"?

Cash on Delivery

With the cash on delivery service, as soon as you have collected the monies from your customers, and have paid your Avon invoice you keep the remained money for yourself. We always advise that you do not give products out without payment. 


Online Sales

Avon will pay online sale discount into your bank account every Friday, once the facility is set up. If no facility has been set then the discount will be taken from your bill.


Do I have to pay to become a Representative? 

There is nothing to pay upfront! There are 2 kits, shown in the photo above, that you chose from as soon as you register your account. These are sent to you free of charge and you will receive it 2 - 3 days laters. You will then have 13 days to pay for the kit, from when it was ordered. This would give you time to either start to sell the products that are in it, or start to generate orders via your online shop, whatsapp brochure and paper brochures that will then cover costs.

Can I return Products?

Yes. Your customer has 28 days to tell you that they don't want a product. You then tell the system that you are sending it back. Avon deduct the cost from your bill within a few hours. You then have 45 days to send the item back to Avon. You can either send it back with the delivery driver or send it via the post office. I send you a training video on the whole process of how to send an item back in your welcome training emails.

Are there any rolling costs?

After the kit fee is paid, within 13 days from selection, the only rolling cost is your brochures, if you are not sharing the digital brochure. These are updated every month, so every campaign brings a new brochure filled with an array of products are great prices. There is a lot of Avon branded stationary that you can invest in, if you wish.

Am I signed into a Contract?

If you change your mind about being an Avon representative you can change your mind at anytime and stop placing orders. You make sure your previous bill is paid and inform Avon and myself of your decision to leave. This means it is an ideal opportunity for you to try and if you feel that it isn't for you, you can stop.

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