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Sales Leader

Are you an ambitious and self motivated person?

Do you like meeting people?

Does the prospect of managing and mentoring your own team excite you?

Then sales leadership could be for you. 


This is your chance to work with a well established company and a well known brand name, building your own successful business. It can be very rewarding but requires commitment and hard work. In return you are rewarded with an excellent pay plan.

You can earn cash bonuses all through your Sales Leader journey, with our new Avon Growth Plan. To receive these the focus is on growing your team of representatives to also become Sales Leaders. When you, or them hit a new level, you get a bonus.

Full training and support will be given by experienced independent Avon Sales Leaders and Business Development Managers.

The four pictures below are all the ways you can earn as a Sales Leader.

AGP 1.png
AGP 2.png
Bring Along A Friend Nov 2020.png
mentor matched.png

The Details

What commission do I earn? 

You will receive a percentage of your group sales depending on how much it comes to and how many downline you have. As your team and group sales grow the percentage becomes higher. 

How do I "get paid"? 

If you are a Lead Representative, and the whole teams sales are under £2000 then Avon will deduct any commission you have earnt from your bill. 

Once you're team are hitting over £2000 sales you will be asked to produce your bank details. Avon will then transfer any commission into your bank account around 7 working days after the campaign has ended.


Do I have to pay to become a Sales Leader? 

No. When you join as a representative you already have the facility to become a Sales Leader at no extra cost. You can join a new representative into your team in a matter of minutes by downloading the Avon Grow app.

Are there any rolling costs?

There are currently no costs involved. 

How do I find my team members? 

You firstly follow the training plan given to you in Avon Connects and keep in close contact with your upline, me.

You can ask family and friends. You can advertise on social media sites. You can arrange to go out with you local BDM, Business Development Manager, into your town and approach people. You can leaflet drop on areas you have been told are vacant or knock on homes and ask if joining Avon is something they have considered. You can book stalls to promote the Avon Opportunity and ask the BDM if you can use their promotional material, such as banners and product boxes. You can pay for promotional advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook or Google or use lead generating sites that post adverts on your behalf.

Am I signed into a Contract?

If you change your mind about being a part of Sales Leadership you can change your mind at anytime. You inform head office of your decision and they will revert your account back to a representatives account. Your team members will be moved to your up lines team and you can continue to be a representative or cancel your account altogether. This means there's no excuse not to give it a try.

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