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Free Avon Starter Pack

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If you have considered joining Avon but you have been a little unsure then this could be for you. This Free Starter Pack allows you to touch and feel all the business tools that are provided before you decide whether to commit. You're given brochures and order forms so you can show books to potential customers and you will also be given digital tools to work with to reach a wider customer base. Once you've seen all that Avon and The Rep Coach Team can offer you'll know whether Avon is for you!

3 FREE products when you join!

If you open your account today you can choose a perfume, lipstick and nail varnish from a selection. These with be sent out through the post or dropped off depending where you live in the UK.

WhyJoin This Team?

Hi. My name is Kelly and I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself.

For many years now I have seen new representatives join into other peoples teams, and struggle to get the support and guidance they've needed to launch and grow their business. This troubles me greatly, as once a representative joins into a team they are unable to request any sort of transfer, leaving them stuck in an unhappy business relationship, which normally results in the representative leaving. 

I have 13 years experience with the Avon brand. I am currently a representative and a Sales Leader and have also been employed as an Area Manager. I am currently sitting at Silver + Presidents Club for my sales and am at Advanced Leader Level with my sales leader business.

Training my team is the most important part of my role as a Sales Leader, which is why I have named myself as The Rep Coach. I have other reps, from other teams, coming to me for advice and guidance, which is very flattering.

I have created various training guides and filter these to the team on a weekly basis.

1. I have a facebook training group where I keep my team updated on all information. Whenever there is something that I am personally trying, I filter that information down to the team for them to benefit from it too. I do this with Live videos, workable excel spreadsheets, documents and face to face meeting.

2. I have a youtube channel where I upload all the training material I have created so it is easily accessible to the team. If a team member has forgot something I have previously shown them, sending them the youtube link, jogs their memory, in their own time and at their own pace.

3. I subscribe my team members to my mailing list. From here I send out campaign emails of everything that has happened in the pervious campaign and what to look for in the new one; also giving recognition to all the team members who have achieved in that campaign.

4. I have scheduled training emails that you are sent when a rep first start to help them along the way, in their first campaign, along with any verbal support they may get from me.

5. I am available for contact 24/7 unless otherwise stated. I can be contacted via telephone, email, text, imessenger, facetime, facebook messenger and whatsapp.

Does this sound like the kind of support

you would like?

Choose A Kit To Kick Start Your Business

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