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Avon Hot Products - Campaign 03 Brochure 2019

Here are some of the Hot Products I'd like to show you from the Campaign 03 Brochure in 2019. If you would like to buy any of the products then please click on the picture.

Avon Anew Transforming Cleansing Balm

Anew Transforming Cleansing Balm, 50ml, for all Skin Types

Normal Brochure Price : £7

Brochure 03 PAGE 83 : £5 (OFFER : Buy any Anew products and get 4 free Anew Samples)

Before we go to bed, we all know that we’re supposed to clean our face: Removing make-up, sweat and SPF’s that clogs up the pores. If we do this every night it would allow our skin to breath and help regeneration, in time improving the skins texture. It also helps to reinforce the skins natural protective barrier which, in turn would give your skin a hydrated and radiant look. I don’t know about you, but I hate the thought of having a “facial cream regime” however this 50ml pot of deep cleanse, takes all of couple of minutes to apply and remove, and the results are said to be noticeable In as little as two weeks. had stated that 1440 pots had been sold everyday between the month of January and February 2018, so it must be good, right?

The balm is enriched with a tropical butter complex of mango, shea butter and cocoa butter so the texture and smell of the balm is to die for.

So what effort do you have to put in?

  1. Just take a small pea sized amount of the balm and massage in your fingers until it melts into a silky oil.

  2. Gently massage the silky oil into the face, neck & eye area.

  3. Add water onto your face to activate the oil which turns it into a creamy lotion.

  4. Take a warm, soaked muslin and gently wipe the lotion off.

This Balm has had various endorsements:

Beauty Geeks UK

Avon Anew Clinical Even Texture & Tone Advanced Resurfacing Peel with Multi-Acid 5

Anew Clinical Advance Resurfacing Peel. 30 pads

Normal price : £15

Brochure 03 PAGE 84 : £15 (OFFER: Buy any Anew products and get 4 free Anew Samples)

Have you ever thought that a chemical peel could be for you but you’ve not liked the price tag or what it might actually entail? Well these little beauties could be for you. These pads are formulated with 10% glycolic acid that helps to exfoliate, retexturise and resurface all skin types with 1 simple sweep. Only to be used on clean skin, 2 – 3 times a week but will reveal brighter, smoother and radiant skin. You will also be left with an even skin tone, minimised lines and a clearer complexion.

These pads have has various endorsements:

Skincare Pros Over 40

True Colour Nail Experts Miracle Growth and Strength Serum, 6ml

Nail Experts Freeze Dry Spray, 50ml

Nail Experts Gold Strength Base Coat, 10ml

ALL 3 Normally : £18

BROCHURE 3 PAGE 149 : £6

I personally endorse these three products, all the time.

Avon Nail Experts Miracle Growth and Strength Serum

I truly believe in the miracle growth and strength serum and have seen great results on my own nails. To me, this serum definitely lives up to its name of being a miracle growth. You can see results as soon as 5 days after using it by giving great strength to your nails and therefor allowing your nails to grow longer. This is due to the pro vitamin B5 and vitamin C that you massage into the nails and cuticles. Also, including baobab and acacia extracts this helps to hydrate the nails and will quickly help to support healthy nail growth. This is a definite must from me.

Avon True Gold Strength Base Coat

To follow, the Nail Experts Gold Strength Base Coat is a great nail varnish to compliment the Miracle Growth

strength serum, as this restores the strength of the nails and prevents further damage. It also helps to hide ridges, detracting with its fortified real gold glow, actually making your nails look smoother.

Avon True Nail Experts Freeze Dry Spray

To finish off, this freeze dry spray can cut the time you’re waiting for you nails to dry by more than half and is another product that I constantly recommend. In the brochure it says it can take as little as 30 seconds for you nails to dry. (No more sat wafting your hands around, blowing your nails ones by one or trying to dry them with the hair dryer). I also like this product as I massage the residual spray into my fingers, making my hands feel smooth and moisturised.

Avon True Colour Under Eye Brightening Illuminator

True Colour Under Eye Brightening Illuminator, 6.5ml

Normally £8

BROCHURE 03 PAGE 141 : £4

I am always looking for ways to get rid of the black circles under my eyes. Sometimes it’s a little bit of an obsession, so the new product that I am currently trying at the moment is this.

The cream is formulated with brightening pearlescent pigment particles that instantly brightens skin and dark shadows for a radiant, luminous finish. Because it has a creamy texture it glides on effortlessly and blends in easily. You swipe the applicator under you eye, over the dark circle and then blend into your usual foundation.

Are you thinking of becoming an Avon Representative? If so then contact us, using the details on the contact page or click HERE to fill in the form. Someone will then contact you within 24hrs. We'll look forward to having you on the team!



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