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Avon - A True Story

This is just a little video I've made to highlight all the best bits of being an Avon Representative and what it means to me.

After having my little boy, and deciding that I wasn't going to "go back to work" until he was at school, I quickly realised that I needed something more to do at home, then be a mum, so I joined Avon.

Since joining, I have achieved much recognition besides being allowed to earn money whilst staying at home. I was able to work everything around my boy and the family and even got them to chip in with the work.

I now want to share this experience with others. Avon reaches out to a broad spectrum of people but the community that is close to my heart is mums who want to work but be 100% flexible at the same time. My earnings from my Avon business, this year, have given me the opportunity to claim the 30hr free funding for my boy to start pre-school for longer, which mean he can start his education earlier than expected and I can concentrate on growing my business.

If you are in the same position that I was in, then joining Avon could be the solution.

Please contact me for a no obligation chat or click HERE to apply now and start your own Avon journey.

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