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I am an Avon Mum

I am an Avon Mum: I’m a mum, with a young child, who runs an Avon business.

I have done what I vowed not to do and took on more responsibility. I’ve jumped far too ahead of my time schedule, of supposedly only starting this business in Sept 2018, but now there’s no looking back. I have built the foundations of a very flexible future for myself and the family and I’m looking forward to the end result. I will be able to completely run my business around my family. Whenever I want a day off, I can take one. Whenever the little one is sick I’ll be there to look after him, with no boss begrudging me the day away. I can take as many holiday days as I like and don’t have to put in a request. I’ll be attending all sports days, school plays, day trips out and birthday parties. How did this happen?

It was decided, while I was made redundant and still on maternity leave, that I would remain unemployed until my little one started nursery. As appealing as this sounded, I’m the kind of person who constantly needs to be “doing”; Organising and planning and for some reason I thought I wouldn’t be doing any of this as a stay at home mum… how wrong was I? Not only that, but I didn’t really like the thought of not earning my own money. Don’t get me wrong, the husband said “I’ll put some money in your account every month, to spend on what you want, so you don’t have to ask me” and this is all well and good on the surface, but it kind of made me feel a little worthless and useless; I needed to feel I was contributing to the household, or at least paying for birthday and Christmas presents out of my own money instead of “husband, I’m just spending the money you’ve given me on a present for you”.

I had been an Avon representative in previous years. I coerced my mum into opening an account for me, when I was at school, so I could earn my own money. From being young, I have always known the value of money and the fact that we didn’t have any of it. I loved my little Avon business back then, it was like playing office, but with real documents and real money. I did this for 8 years but had to stop when I started to travel to work as I was hardly left any “me” time, let alone Avon time.

I applied on line, one day in January 2015, and was contacted within the day. I was visited at my home, now video calling can also be done, and was signed up there and then. For that year I built a customer base up by handing books to neighbours, friends and family. I would prepare books and order forms when the baby napped, fill in my customer log sheet when he had gone to bed and had the husband to book the day off when my deliveries came. I would take the baby out in the pram, during the day, while I posted my books and my husband would come for the walk on the nights as I collected books or made deliveries. My sales grew every month, but with it so did my yearning to put in more time and effort into making my sales and earnings even higher.

Two and a half years on I am now a Senior Coordinator and a Silver Presidents club member. I now have my own team of reps with whom I train and give my experiences to, to help them achieve the same goals as myself. With the great bonus scheme that Avon offer I was able to, not only pay for the birthday and Christmas presents but also contributed to our two holidays for this year. I am a mum, with a young child, who runs an Avon business and I love it!

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