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I want to be in Avon's Presidents Club!

I’ve always been a huge fan of collecting data (that sound really boring doesn’t it?) I like to find out patterns of growth or decline. Break downs of statistics and the information I could draw from it.

For the past 4 years I’ve had a personal sales growth in the area that I’ve worked in, to the extent that I’ve been recognised and rewarded for being the highest sales in my area along with the highest sales growth. We call this Presidents Club. This is a prestigious club, within Avon, that only 5% of the tens of thousands of representatives achieve every year. And aren’t we treated? We’re taken for a recognition event with dinner and free wine, certificates and plaques, Love to shop vouchers, free delivers on all orders, greater discounted products and a dedicated telephone number. As you reach the highest levels you are taken on holidays and are invited to even more lunches and day trips.

I decided that after hitting the level of silver plus in 2018 the next level to achieve would be gold. This however would mean a £10000 growth on last year. Avon give us a couple of tools to track this but they never seem informative enough so I decided to create my own. I wanted to see how quickly it would take me to hit the previous levels and what I was actually needing to achieve in the next levels to get me where I needed to be.

My secret pleasure is creating formulas in spreadsheets. It’s like a little bit of magic on the page when you press the enter button and things change: colours appear, figures are created. So I decided I wanted my own little piece of magic for tracking my sales. I got to work creating my sales tracker.

So the most important questions you will now want answering are why is my tracker so special and what does it actually do? My tracker is special because not only does It show you what you have achieved so far but potentially shows you what your capable of achieving in the next levels too. You might have your eye on the bronze level, where you need to achieve £395 per campaign, but when you input your sales you could be a stones throw away from bronze plus. It makes all levels in the presidents club easily accessible.

So how does it actually do this? With colourful boxes and simple adding formulas, once you input your sales, you are easily shown, by colour, what you have already achieved and by deducting that from the years total, breaks down what is expected for each campaign over the rest of the year.

Now you’re wondering how do you get your hands on one?

This tracker is currently on sales via my Esty shop “The Rep Coach” as an immediate downloadable Excel spread sheet. However, there is a way to get this FREE and all other things that I create to support my business and share, to help yours. If you’re not already a representative, joining my team will give you access to everything I create and all my training within my private TEAM ONLY group.

I wish you every success in growing your sales and hope to see you in Presidents Club next year!

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