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Teachers Pamper Cone - Using Avon Samples

I uploaded an Avon tutorial video about how to make a Teachers Pamper Cone using Avon Samples, on a certain social media platform (Facebook) and the reception of that video was amazing. It was a sped up version of me making the cones. I had some lovely feedback from fellow reps but some wished that they could have had a slower tutorial to help them recreate the cone.

I have included the full length video in this article but I am also going to give you a step by step photo tutorial, which I had already prepared to do, I just hadn't got round to it.

At first, I was just making sample cones. I was then giving them away as prizes to my customers on my Facebook page : Avon with Koos Cosmetics Reps. I did this to entice friends to like my page or for them to add their friends to my group. One of my friends shared the cones on their wall and one of their friends contacted me to ask me if she could buy some from me. She explained that she would like to give them to her children's teachers for end of year presents. As I am an Avid poet, In my ever declining spare time, I offered to make a poem to go along side them and help to make the present a little more personal and sentimental.

Avon Planet Spare Lavender Bath Salts teacher pamper cone gift

1. I bought a large amount of cellophane cones from eBay. They are normally used to put sweets in.

I used my stock of Planet Spa Bath Salts and Put 3

scoops of salts in, by using an unused washing powder


Avon teacher pamper cone gift

2. I bought a small tray of candles and placed one on top of the bath salts. (You may like to write a warning about the safety of using a candle)

Avon Life for her Teacher Pamper Cone Gift

3. I popped a perfume sample in that comes with an information card. This one is Avon Life for her by Kenzo. I used this as it gives the cone a little more colour and background and this perfume sample is slightly larger than the normal one with the spray function.

Avon Senses Lagoon Shower Gel Teacher Pamper Cone Gift

4. I bought some small sample bottles from eBay. I decided to use what products I had in stock, to promote. These were the Avon Senses Lagoon Shower Gel and the Clearskin 3 in 1 Face cleanser, mask and scrub. I popped these in the cone, in front of the perfume sample.

Avon Teacher Pamper cone Gift

5. I finished off adding the samples to the cone. I selected a small lipstick, another perfume, but a smaller one, and a nail file. You may want to add samples such as the face creams or foundations. You could also add larger items such as mascara, nail varnish or a standard lipstick and sell for a higher price.

Avon Teacher Pamper Cone Gift
Avon Teacher Pamper cone Gift

6 I used some curling ribbon, that I had left over from Christmas, to wrap around the top of the cone. I then ran my scissors down the ribbon to make a curly effect.

Avon Teacher Pamper cone Gift

7. I made the format of a label, for the cone, on my PC. On one side it would have a small description of the samples, with my contact details on. On the other side I created a poem, based around the samples I had used, that would suit as a poem for a teacher. (You may also want to give a 3rd label stating all the ingredients of the samples on if you wish.)

8. I printed out the information and poem label and placed them back to back. I then cut them out. I stuck them both together so that they wouldn't move when I put them into the laminate pouches.

9. I placed them in the laminate pouches and put them through the laminator.

10. I cut around the labels, in the laminate pouch and then clipped the corner of it with a hole punch.

Avon Teacher Pamper cone Gift

11. I threaded a piece of string through the hole and made a knot. I then tied the label around the head of the cone.

Avon Teacher Pamper Cone Gift Poem

And the thing that a lot of you have wanted to know, more than anything: The Poem!

Thank you for viewing this blog and I hope it helps you with ideas of how to promote your Avon business.

If you are not yet an Avon representative but would like to join the ever growing amazing group then please contact me for more information or alternatively start the sign up process by clicking HERE.

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